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Lifting and rigging consultation, load testing, training, certification, OSHA compliance

Sling Consultation
Since 1957, our customers have trusted us to recommend the right sling or assembly to fit each job.

Testing with Certification
With our two 250,000-pound test beds, we provide certification of your rigging, including digitally generated stress charts and proof load profiles.

On-Site Chain, Wire Rope and Lifting Gear Training
We come on-site to help your employees inspect equipment and apply current OSHA and B.30 standards to the job at hand.

Certification of Welded Chain Slings
We provide a National Bureau of Standards traceable certificate for every single welded chain sling we fabricate.

OSHA Surveys
For your convenience, we consult on-site to provide a visual OSHA compliance survey of your lifting equipment and, if necessary, suggest cost-effective modifications to meet job-specific requirements.

With our fleet of 16 trucks, we guarantee prompt delivery--where you need it--when you need it.

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