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WireCoTuf-Kote/PFV Wire Rope

WireCoTuf-Kote/PFV Wire Rope

A plastic impregnated wire rope proven to provide longer service life and a cleaner operation. On the inside, top-of-the-line wire rope resists the demanding pressures of your job. The polymer is applied at high pressure to force the material into the rope, serving to cushion the strands, distribute internal stresses, keep in wire rope lubricant and keep out dirt and debris. On the outside, the engineered polymer plastic is designed to provide a cleaner operation and reduces wear on sheaves and drums.

  • Abrasion resistant
  • Fatigue resistant
  • Plastic polymer cushions strands, distributes internal stresses and keeps dirt out

Backed by a service-proven reputation, these ropes are built tough to withstand abrasion and fatigue. Available in right lang lay (RL) and left lang lay (LL) with a standard independent wire rope core.

For specifications, please reference 6x19 and 6x36 general purpose ropes.

WireCoTuf-Kote/PFV Wire Rope