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Galvanized Aircraft Cable

Galvanized Aircraft Cable


For use where extreme flexibility is not necessary. Commonly used in aircraft and automotive controls, it performs highly in a wide range of mechanical applications.

Zinc coated carbon steel offers some corrosion resistance. It remains ductile over long periods of working. Usually higher break strengths than stainless steels. Tin over Zinc coated carbon steel is also available.

Galvanized aircraft cable is also available in nylon or vinyl coated.

Galvanized Aircraft CableNylon Coated Cable is for applications that require a heavier duty coating than vinyl. It is harder and more durable. There are different types of nylon coating that can be customized to your specific need.

POLY-VINYL-CHLORIDE (PVC) is the most commonly used plastic for mechanical cable coatings, especially where cost is a factor. Vinyl is flexible, has good weathering resistance and has excellent resistance to the ultra violet rays of the sun which degrades many plastics.  Vinyl is easily colored in a wide range of the spectrum from bright vivid colors to soft pastels, from metal flake to international orange. Again, we will "tailor" a color to fit your needs.
We can supply a vinyl coating to meet MIL - I - 631, Type F, Form U, Grade A, Class II, Category 1.

Galvanized Aircraft Cable